Sarah  Ramos

Sarah in her studio Sarah Ramos is British, and lives and works in London. She began working as an artist in 2003, specialising in children's picture book illustration and went on to have two books published - ‘Saki and the Moonster’ and ‘Jimmy Rat’.

Whilst she loved working as an illustrator, Sarah's true passion is oil painting. After the publication of her books she decided to embark on this more seriously. She then began to produce singular paintings which reflect her intuitions and emotions and are inspired by observations from the world around her. As Sarah's work has developed, many of her ideas are now more intimate and stem from deep improvisation. She feels that a painting is it's own silent statement.

I Love

Music, bicycles, headstands, gems, ocean, paper,
yoga, all creatures, Foods that vibrate, laughing, dancing,
Tomato ketchup, drawing, instruments, smells,
seeds, reading, Children’s books, photos, trees, typewriters, sand, giving,
wooden toys, long walks, Hugs,
sunny days, baskets, wisdom, dogs ears,
candles, day dreaming,
chocolate, green tea, showers,
Bare foot, forests, swimming,
archery, surprises, learning,


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